Welcome to Edgemont Recreation

ERC has contributed funds for the new turf field and track at Blanford at EHS. We have also provided funds for the EHS Weight Room, the new roofs for the EHS and Greenville gyms, the EHS tennis courts and the risers at Seely Place. Click here to read more about us.


The Edgemont Recreation Corporation (ERC) is non-profit volunteer organization which was established in 1970.

Seasonal Programs

We provide after school programs, recreation league sports and every summer we run three summer camps.

Edgemont Recreation is proud to offer once again our three fabulous camps to our community. Our Nursery Camp, Junior Camp and Teen Travel Camp have been the summer home to thousands of Edgemont children over the 40 plus years. - We hope your children will join us for the summer too! -

Thousands of happy kids! We love camp.